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Job/Skills Based Test

Job/Skills Based Test

Job/Skills Based Test

India is a country wherein talent goes unnoticed and employers get hired based on their educational /academic qualification. Through Online Technical Skill Assessment Tests, My Global Score is trying to provide employability to those talents who despite of having qualification in a particular field can apply and show their worth where their interest lies.

My Global Score has varied set of Test Library which is bifurcated into four main categories: Qualification Based Skill Assessment Test, Job/Skills Based Test, IT Skills Based Test and Aptitude/ Soft Skill Based Test. The Online Technical Skill Assessment Test designed by My Global Score is to assess knowledge and skills required for competencies for a specific job role. Technical Skill Assessment Test includes tests which will assess the strengths and weaknesses in the specific skills that the candidate has obtained. Test yourself for Online Technical Skill Assessment Test you feel you are interested in and find out where you can excel. You can map your career based on your skills by taking our Technical Skill Assessment Test for Jobs.

Technical Skill Assessment Test includes test designed for specific skills for those who are interested to showcase their skills apart from their Qualification. Online Skill Assessment Test for Jobs can also lead to many more benefits which includes saving our most important resources i.e. time and cost in the selection process, pre-screening the high performing candidates, increasing productivity in the recruitment process and validating the entire process by reducing biased recruitment. Tests in Technical Skill Assessment Category include skills like Graphic Designing, Business Analysis which are majorly job specific and you may not need to have specific qualification for getting hired on the basis of your skills.

Our Online Technical Skill Assessment Test are designed with the goal wherein companies can more effectively place qualified and talented individuals into specified jobs using relevant assessments of the required knowledge and skills rather than relying merely on interviews and personal impressions of an applicant’s resume. Technical Skill Assessment Test for Jobs are a great way to identify the right-fit for the position by assessing them for the skills they possess.

Job/Skills Based Test

List of Tests in Job/Skills Based Tests

Administration Test
Advertising Test
Animation Test
Auditing Test
Automation Test
Brand Management Test
Business Analyst Test
Business Communication Test
Business Process Outsourcing Test
Digital Marketing Test
Entrepreneurship Test
Financial Accounting Test
Goods and Service Tax Test
Graphic Designing Test
Hospital Management Test
Hotel Management Test
Human Resource Test
Income Tax Test
Interior Designing Test
International Business Test
Inventory Management Test
Market Research Test
Payroll Administration Test
Project Management Test
Quality Control Test
Retail Management Test
Sales and Marketing Test
Search Engine Optimization Test
Six Sigma Test
Strategic Planning Test

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