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IT Skills Based Tests

IT Skills Based Tests

IT Skills Based Tests

My Global Score has varied set of Test Library which is bifurcated into four main categories: Qualification Based Skill Assessment Test, Job/Skills Based Test, IT Skills Based Test and Aptitude/ Soft Skill Based Test. Online IT Skill Assessment Test are designed to assess the awareness and proficiency in computer based technical skills. It is very important for every job seeker to have basic computer knowledge that will help them in getting various jobs in different sectors. The tests which are included in IT Skill Assessment Test category will assess the strengths and weaknesses in the specific IT based skills that the candidate has obtained such as Website Development, Proficiency in IT based languages, Networking and other Hardware related skills.

IT Skill Assessment Test for IT Jobs can basically be used to assess candidates for all the three verticals of IT Jobs that are Programming, Networking and basic support services. Online IT Skill Assessment Test Category include skills such as Computer Operators, Software Engineers, Network Specialist, Database Administrators and Designers which are IT specific skills and you may not need to have specific qualification for getting hired on the basis of your skills.

Online IT Skill Assessment Test for jobs are a great way to assess if the candidate has good technical, analytical reasoning skills, critical thinking and logical thinking capabilities. Online IT Skill Assessment Test for Jobs can also lead to many more benefits which includes saving our most important resources i.e. time and cost in the selection process, pre-screening the high performing candidates, increasing productivity in the recruitment process and validating the entire process by reducing biased recruitment. Online IT Skill Assessment Test designed by My Global Score includes major subjects that are required for the candidate qualified for the same. IT Skill Assessment Test are built in such a structure that the candidate gets assessed for Technical expertise, command over communication and aptitude abilities. Online IT Skill Assessment Test for Jobs are a great way to identify the right-fit for the position.

IT Skills Based Tests

List of Tests in IT Skills Based Tests

Computer Knowledge Test
Computer Networking Test
Java Test
Javascript Test
MS Excel Skills Test
MS Powerpoint Skills Test
MS Word Skills Test
PHP Test
Software Testing Test
XML Test

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